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BUDDHA and the S**T

What happens when an award-winning writer hits 'eject' on the 9 to 5, grabs a backpack, and dives head-first into the uncharted world of 'digital nomads'?

After 7 YEARS in Asia, Europe, and parts unknown, BROOKE BURGESS (Broken Saints, Becoming, The Cat's Maw) shares candid tales of culture shock, creative inspiration, sex and relationships, psychedelics and spirituality, and much MUCH more!

It's a mid-life renaissance man's 'Eat, Pray, Love' (with the naughty bits still hangin') — it's BUDDHA AND THE SLUT.


Oct 28, 2018

As we approach the merge on the latest season (Davids Vs Goliaths) of SURVIVOR, I wanted to take a closer look; why does the show endure? How does the Hero's Journey apply to non-fiction? And what the hell happens now that CANADIANS CAN PLAY, TOO?!?

It's another 30min+ freestyle ep of Buddha and the Slut, so pop in...