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BUDDHA and the S**T

What happens when an award-winning writer hits 'eject' on the 9 to 5, grabs a backpack, and dives head-first into the uncharted world of 'digital nomads'?

After 7 YEARS in Asia, Europe, and parts unknown, BROOKE BURGESS (Broken Saints, Becoming, The Cat's Maw) shares candid tales of culture shock, creative inspiration, sex and relationships, psychedelics and spirituality, and much MUCH more!

It's a mid-life renaissance man's 'Eat, Pray, Love' (with the naughty bits still hangin') — it's BUDDHA AND THE SLUT.


Oct 30, 2021

The irony when you search and dream and pretty much BEG for profound connection with others...but that same intensity of longing only pushes people away. Uggh. As a middle-aged male in a society that puts little value on men's need for deeper bonds and friendships, is it any wonder there's a troubling loneliness...

Feb 28, 2021

A bite-sized ep where I harness a creative technique to ask a timely question:  if MASKS are the modern symbol for our social and emotional WALLS...then what does YOUR 'wall' look like?

Dec 20, 2020

When a good friend pulled me aside to share that they were Googling 'most painless ways to kill self'...?

WelI...that triggered a powerful revelation about the trials and tribulations of the past year.

2020, people. We're all in it together.

And there IS a way out <3

FEAT. music from Owl Cave Dreams (new Winter Solstice...

Mar 30, 2019

Men. Women. Relationships. Conflict. A Divine Comedy...or is it all just a curse in the f#$%ing stars? 

Got 20min? Here's an 'End of Mercury Retrograde' freestyle rant on the whole 'manhood' conundrum, featuring a lesson learned at the end of my longest relationship — a lesson that put me on the path to reconciling...

Feb 19, 2019

At some point in your life, you're gonna hear the words:


They could be said cruelly, or critically, or even from a claimed place of 'constructive kindness'.

In fact, for me, it happened just one week ago.

It wasn't the first time. Not by a long shot.

But this time..?

I was...