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BUDDHA and the S**T

What happens when an award-winning writer hits 'eject' on the 9 to 5, grabs a backpack, and dives head-first into the uncharted world of 'digital nomads'?

After 7 YEARS in Asia, Europe, and parts unknown, BROOKE BURGESS (Broken Saints, Becoming, The Cat's Maw) shares candid tales of culture shock, creative inspiration, sex and relationships, psychedelics and spirituality, and much MUCH more!

It's a mid-life renaissance man's 'Eat, Pray, Love' (with the naughty bits still hangin') — it's BUDDHA AND THE SLUT.


Feb 11, 2020

If there’s anything I've learned in my near 5-decades wandering the plains and crags of this waterlogged rock spinning in the deep, deep dark, for God Knows What Purpose before this soul of mine pops off like the last bubble in a dirty kid’s bathwater..?

It’s this: though the essence underneath it is the same, the human act of LOVE represents something different to everyone.

And here's what it means to me...

(Featuring original music from OWL CAVE DREAMS)