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What happens when an award-winning writer hits 'eject' on the 9 to 5, grabs a backpack, and dives head-first into the uncharted world of 'digital nomads'?

After 7 YEARS in Asia, Europe, and parts unknown, BROOKE BURGESS (Broken Saints, Becoming, The Cat's Maw) shares candid tales of culture shock, creative inspiration, sex and relationships, psychedelics and spirituality, and much MUCH more!

It's a mid-life renaissance man's 'Eat, Pray, Love' (with the naughty bits still hangin') — it's BUDDHA AND THE SLUT.


Nov 13, 2017

It’s been a while, friends, but we’re back with more wild and wacky Q&A goodness. But this time? Things are gonna be a bit different…because these questions were submitted with AUDIO!

And not just the voice of any old inquisitive gal or fella, faithful listeners. Today is a real treat, as my not-so-old friend,...

Nov 11, 2017

In the first audio version of my 'HOW I'D WRITE IT' series, I outline a realistic narrative structure for how Green Lantern(s) CAN work in a 2-hour Justice League film. It's all about that Lord of the Rings-style prologue...and a smart post-credits scene.

You can scope the original story with image and vid embeds on...

Oct 31, 2017


On this show, I tell stories. Strange ones. Scary ones. Sweet and sad and difficult ones. These are true tales of my experiences with travel and culture, magic and mysticism, and all things dirty - both good and bad.

But now? Now I’m going to tell a story about love.

It’s been a year, almost to the day, that she...

Oct 12, 2017

This was a hard piece to write, with some hard truths to admit.

You might find it even harder to listen to.

All I can do now is hope that it finds your ears in the spirit intended.

Needless to say—this if for Mature Audiences Only.


"The sad part about the Harvey Weinstein sexual abuse scandal is that I’m not...

Sep 30, 2017

There’s truth in the old saying, ‘It’s not where you are, but who you’re with, that makes the journey worthwhile.’

And with 7 years of the nomad life under my well-worn belt, I tend to agree. I’ve been to some amazing places, and seen some incredible things, but it’s the people I’ve met on the path that...