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BUDDHA and the S**T

What happens when an award-winning writer hits 'eject' on the 9 to 5, grabs a backpack, and dives head-first into the uncharted world of 'digital nomads'?

After 7 YEARS in Asia, Europe, and parts unknown, BROOKE BURGESS (Broken Saints, Becoming, The Cat's Maw) shares candid tales of culture shock, creative inspiration, sex and relationships, psychedelics and spirituality, and much MUCH more!

It's a mid-life renaissance man's 'Eat, Pray, Love' (with the naughty bits still hangin') — it's BUDDHA AND THE SLUT.


Sep 18, 2017

Back in Spring 2004 I hadn’t been sleeping well for months. Not to mention zero exercise, and heaps of junk food. Something had to give. Turns out my breakdown wouldn't happen in the waking world...

A few weeks after I adopted my cat, Quinn – the little Maine Coon goddess who would watch me each night from the foot of the bed with something akin to ‘annoyed concern’ — there was a fateful evening when I finally sank into slumber.

And I mean it like it sounds – sank. Like a boat with a hole in it. Like movie quicksand. Like dinosaurs in tar. I sank until I found myself trapped in the dark. And I was scared. Because I knew all about lucid dreaming

...but how could a nightmare could be this real???

(Based on a TRUE story, and featuring original music by Tobias Tinker and guest narration by DAVID KAYE, from The Cat's Maw audio experience)